The 4th edition of the Snowdance independent film festival broke all previous records. The number of films submitted, the number of prominent actors as well as the number of screening locations were higher than ever, and the running time was three times longer than in previous years. An audience of about 7500 came to watch the films and series and the reactions of the citizens of Landsberg allowed only one conclusion: the city was “burning” with excitement. In spite of the icy temperatures in the last few weeks, everybody was on fire: Snowdance 4.0 = “Fire on Ice”!

HOREX honoured this exceptional situation with a second, extravagant special model of its new VR6 motorcycle, the Snowdance #2 / “Fire on Ice”. Even if nobody was thinking of “extinguishing” the excitement, the Snowdance #2 is equipped for all contingencies. In addition to the brilliant HOREX technology, it is, so to speak, the first “fire brigade motorcycle” of the elite manufacturer. Even during the “making of”, the enthusiasm of the makers was again enormous. The young group is passionate not only about HOREX but also other glowing ideas: “Fire on Ice” at Snowdance 4.0!

The spectacular unique specimen was being displayed during the entire festival in the gallery of the foyer of the Landsberg city theatre. The Landsberg-based company also made a contribution once again at the awards ceremony on the final day. Like in the previous year, the best director among all festival contributions was presented with the “HOREX Award”. The award (prize money is 2000 US dollars) was given to Tuukka Temonen from Finland for his impressive movie “Born in Heinola” about the first years of the popular band “Apulanta”.

The “HOREX night of the filmmakers” was new in the Snowdance programme this year and an expression of the increased commitment. In the hall of the Landsberg city theatre, festival co-organiser Tom Bohn introduced directors and filmmakers who were involved in the contributions that made it on the official shortlist. After the talks, the “HOREX ball of the filmmakers” was held in the upscale ambience of the theatre foyer almost until sunrise.