VR6 engine

The six cylinder engine installed in the HOREX VR6 is both unique selling point and technical challenge in one. The advantage of the extremely compactly built “VR” arrangement of the cylinder bores is evident. The design of the engine is significantly more compact than an inline or traditional V engine.

The powertrain offers a displacement of 1218 cc and puts out 163 HP in the series specification. With a width of only 43 centimetres, it is more similar to the size of a four cylinder, and the three overhead camshafts also give it a unique cylinder head. The VR6 technology in the motorcycle sector is proprietary to HOREX.

As part of the re-working of the HOREX VR6 models with 3C, the engine was developed almost from scratch and hardly a component was left unchanged. As in the top category of automotive manufacturing, the unit is built by an engine specialist practically by hand. In the end, there is a top quality powertrain built by sought-after specialists with an individual plaque bearing the name of the builder guaranteeing the quality.

The result is a unique, six cylinder engine with a character that provides superior pulling power and smooth power delivery. The resulting powerful appearance and the perfect rideability are a particular distinction of the ultimate HOREX driving experience.

Innovative lightweight technology – also for series production models

Thanks to the use of lightweight carbon fibre technology for many newly developed components, the new HOREX series production models also tip the scales at weights totally ready for competition: 219 kg (Café Racer) or 224 kg (Classic). The Café Racer series, like the HOREX VR6 Black Edition, is the first series production motorcycle to use a carbon fibre steering head frame. The first-to-market development of this innovative technology was initialised by parent company 3C Carbon Group AG. It underscores the claim to leadership by HOREX in the area of high-tech lightweight solutions.

Generous standard equipment

These new series production models also enjoy generous standard equipment. This includes state-of-the-art ABS, carbon fibre front and rear mudguards, lithium ion battery, a full LED headlamp and an immobiliser. The vehicle and component design for the brand new VR6 models was carried out almost entirely in-house, and the HOREX VR6 Black Edition has already been awarded with the 2016 Red Dot Design Award. The specialists at 3C Carbon Group have also set new standards in materials and processing quality.