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With Bad Homburg, Landsberg am Lech and Ingolstadt, there are already three factory-owned subsidiaries. They are always there for you. In addition to sales consulting, seeing the motorbikes in the showroom, test drives, and taking measurements for customised adjustments to the motorbike, exclusive factory-authorised service is available here as well.

The first dealers will follow in Cologne and Berlin. They will also offer all-round service for the exclusive HOREX models. Additional dealers and service centres will be announced at the start of the 2018 season. Until then, there is a comprehensive service network for your HOREX in Germany.

Furthermore, a pick-up and drop-off service as well as roadside service guarantees the mobility of your HOREX VR6 at all times. HOREX sets new standards that were previously known only in automobile service.

You can currently see the motorcycles and take a test drive in Bad Homburg, Landsberg am Lech, and Ingolstadt. We can also offer you the opportunity for a personal test drive in your vicinity. You can reach us by phone (+49 8191 9696-1000) as well as by email ( to arrange an appointment.

You can order your vehicle either directly online (this is possible with the new HOREX configurator), or place your order with the HOREX subsidiaries in Bad Homburg, Landsberg am Lech or Ingolstadt, or with one of the new dealers (starting 2018). We are happy to take your order by phone (+49 8191 9696-1000) or by e-mail ( as well.

Prepayment is due when the order is placed. Upon conclusion of a purchase agreement, you will promptly receive a prioritised delivery date based on the best possible availability. Alternatively, you can secure a non-binding delivery option for a HOREX VR6. More details can be found under “Can I make a non-binding reservation for a HOREX VR6?”.

We will contact you no later than four weeks before delivery to customise and adjust the motorbike. Once your HOREX VR6 is completed, we deliver it to you at the location of your choice. More details can be found under “How is the delivery handled — is factory pick-up possible?”.

For EUR 500, you can secure a non-binding delivery option and reserve your HOREX VR6. As soon as the start of production for your reserved HOREX VR6 draws near or you decide to go ahead with the purchase, following a test ride for instance, we will send you a purchasing contract for your HOREX VR6. Following receipt of the binding order in the form of a signed purchasing contract, we will offset your deposit payment against the purchase price. Until you have signed a legally binding purchasing contract, you can cancel your reservation at any time. In this case, your deposit will be refunded in full. You can download the reservation agreement with this link, then complete the form and send it to us.

We take precise measurements so that the HOREX VR6 fits you like a tailor-made suit. In the process, we can make use of a broad portfolio of customisation options to adjust the standard ex works HOREX VR6 to your personal ergonomics and your desired seating position. In addition to an extensive colour palette and different seat variations (you can view them in our new HOREX configurator), you can also choose from many different options: Handlebar mounts, handlebars (different offsets and tilts), footrests, footrest supports, seat lengths and seat heights (from seat height and lowering the chassis). To do so, we invite you to visit one of our subsidiaries, a retailer or the factory in Landsberg am Lech for a fitting. If you should not have the time for a fitting, we can adjust the motorbike for you based on the data you provide—the last fine-tuning can be done as part of the delivery.

Due to the high demand and the high level of customisation, unfortunately our lead times are currently estimated at two to three months. Depending on the model and the equipment, it is possible that production slots reserved for demo and presentation motorbikes may become available in the short-term. Please contact the HOREX team for more information. In any case, it is advisable to a conclude reservation agreement well in advance and to secure a binding production slot. The best way to reach us is by phone (+49 8191 9696-1000) or by email (

In the beginning of 2017 the delivery within Germany will be free house without surcharges (this applies to orders placed with payment completed by 31.12.2017). The delivery can take place in 2018 if both conditions are met.

As a HOREX customer, you have freedom of choice. You can choose the delivery as you wish. In so doing, you can choose between the following options:
– pick-up from one of the new HOREX dealers
– pick-up from a factory-owned subsidiary (Bad Homburg and Ingolstadt)
– pick-up from the factory in Landsberg am Lech with a tour of the production facilities
– delivery by HOREX to the requested address

*In the beginning the delivery within Germany will be free house without surcharges (this applies to orders placed with payment completed by 31.12.2017). The other delivery options are also free of charge under the same terms and conditions. The delivery can take place in 2018 if both conditions are met. Costs for the various delivery options will be announced in 2018.

HOREX offers a two-year warranty for the new HOREX VR6 model. In addition, HOREX will offer an attractive and comprehensive warranty extension. You can drive worry-free for another two years with this warranty extension. Exact terms and conditions for the HOREX warranty extension will be communicated as part of the introduction.

The new HOREX VR6 models represent a significant advancement and are now based on sophisticated mass production technology. The new HOREX motorcycles stand not only for 6 cylinders and exclusivity, but also for stability and reliability. Our service intervals are set up accordingly: an initial inspection (including oil change) is done after a break-in period of 1,500 km. After that, the service interval is 10,000 km starting with the 10,000 km service.

The exact scope and effort required for the service will be determined by your service partner. You need not fear any unpleasant surprises here, though. The service for the new HOREX V6 model is competitively priced.

HOREX works together with the factory-owned subsidiaries and the associated dealers and service centres for first-class service and continuous supply of replacement parts. As a result, all partners are in direct contact with our technical service in the plant and have access to the development department to ensure fast and seamless parts replacement.

Our goal: to have the required replacement on-site at the dealer within 24 to 48 hours after the order is entered, depending on component category.

We are aware that this page cannot answer all of your questions. It only serves as initial assistance and a guideline. The HOREX team is here for you at all times. The best way to reach us is by phone (+49 8191 9696-1000) or by email ( We are happy to advise you and answer any questions you may still have.