Last Thursday at the creditors’ meeting, under the direction of the insolvency administrator, Rainer U. Müller from the law firm, Anchor Rechtsanwälte, the 3C-Carbon Group AG came out on top in the quest to purchase the Horex brand.

By the 3C-Carbon Group AG acquiring the Horex brand, an important piece of German industrial history was able to be saved from being sold off abroad. The exceedingly successful high-tech company from Landsberg am Lech has taken over the Horex brand with the goal of successfully continuing the soon-to-be 100-year history of a German motorcycle manufacturer that is rich in tradition. Horex brand motorcycle models should be brought back to the market as soon as possible and further expand their prior success.

In order to lead the Horex brand to a new bout of glory, not only a lot of heart and soul, but also essential optimisations are going to be required from a technical and organisational perspective. The goal is to devise a marketable concept in order to get new clientele enthusiastic about Horex.
Loyal fans as well as dedicated dealers form an important basis for this new start and should be involved in the process of finding ideas. The 3C-Group is therefore striving to ensure functioning supply of spare parts for the Horex VR6 models that had most recently been produced.

Further information on the 3C-Carbon Group AG

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is a rapidly expanding company group in the field of development and manufacturing of high-tech fibre composite structures for the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and aerospace industries.

At its sites located in Landsberg am Lech, Baden-Württemberg and in Switzerland, the company group produces high-tech components made from carbon fibre (carbon), meeting cutting-edge production standards. Thereby, the development speed and the reliability of the company, as well as the quality of the components are considered to be a recognised benchmark on the market.

Furthermore, the 3C group is going to be maintaining an internationally operating development and racing team, that were confidently able to win the International German Championship (Drivers and Manufacturers title) in the highest German motorcycling class within the scope of the SUPERBIKE*IDM in 2014, among other things.

3C will be releasing further information on the future strategy concerning Horex in spring of this year.

HOREX VR6 Café Racer