New HOREX production

Behind the glass facade of the HOREX factory is where exclusive motorcycles are built based on customer orders. A small team of specially trained motorcycle mechanics working at four successive assembly stations put together all components by hand. Each of the mechanics is responsible for the assembly of a complete motorcycle and accompanies the six-cylinder bike every step of the way.

The chassis of a new HOREX is assembled in the first step. This starts when the steel steering head is securely bolted to the aluminum bridge frame, which is made in Italy. The process continues with the installation of the triple clamps, fork, swing arm, rear frame and single spring strut. Wheels and tires are added before the bike moves to the next assembly station.

Final assembly takes place at station four when the remaining parts, including the fuel tank, fenders, handlebars, instruments, brake and clutch systems are installed. Afterwards, the finished motorcycle – with all operating fluids – is run through final tests on a roller dynamometer. During installation, the technicians use a PC to document each manufacturing step at the assembly stations. This is a key quality assurance criteria according to ISO standards, and ensures the bike meets the highest quality standards set by the German automotive industry.