The new HOREX partner network

For the engine design, HOREX worked closely together with expert engine technologist Rupert Baindl. Researchers at the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Vehicle Drivelines at the University of Munich were primarily responsible for trials, benchmark testing and engine control. The prototype of the new HOREX presented in June 2010 was built by TT-3D.

The HOREX project was also supported by a number of automotive/motorcycle industry suppliers and service providers, including Bing (intake and lubrication system), Bosch (ABS system), Elkamet (plastics engineering), FKS (plastics injection mold), Hazet (tool supplier), IAV (VR crankshaft and piston rod engineering), IDEM (technical documentation), Kirstein (technical systems), Langer Group (premium plastic parts), Mahle (VR pistons and cylinders), MFT (camshafts), Motul (lubricants), REINZ (gaskets), SW-Motech (luggage systems), TÜV Süd (homologated of series production bike), Weber Motor (series development engine, engine components, production) and Die Wortwerkstatt (communications, media relations, marketing).