Here you will find the right images for your computer: Wallpaper and screensavers featuring the new HOREX available in a variety of sizes and formats with a white or black background. 


Screensaver instructions:

Click on the link and download the "exe" file to your computer ("Save Link As…"). Simply double-click the file to install the screensaver.

Go to System Control ––› Display ––› Screensaver to select/activate the new images.


Instructions for downloading wallpaper to an iPhone:
Downloading wallpaper to an iPhone is browser-dependent. If you see the "Save file as" option, you can save the wallpaper directly to an iPhone as a file. You can also open the download image and send it to a PC or iPhone via e-mail. The e-mail attachment can then be saved on an iPhone and used as wallpaper.


HOREX VR6 Classic – Video of the new model

Soundfile / ring tone

HOREX VR6 Roadster engine start“ (ca. 12 Sek. / mp3 / 295 kB / June 2012)
HOREX VR6 Roadster driving sound“ (ca. 6 Sek. / mp3 / 165 kB / June 2012)
Horex VR6-engine on the test block“ (ca. 32 Sek. / mp3 / 510 kB / November 2011)
Horex VR6-engine on the test block“ (ca. 10 sec. / mp3 / 160 kB / October 2010)

Wallpaper „black“ and „white“