Team Communication & Marketing

has been in charge of HOREX communication and marketing since August 2009. Working in close cooperation with Klaus-Peter Schäfer, head of sales & marketing and members of the HOREX executive board, the agency serves as an external marketing department responsible for designing and managing activities related to the media, market, retail trade, and potential customers.

Key tasks include marketing, brand development, corporate design, advertising, public relations, trade shows, web presence, etc.

Andrea Wanke

"HOREX is an exceptional project for us in every respect. In terms of the people, product, and tasks, it is as unique as it is demanding and varied. Our main focus in HOREX brand development is on credibly 'interpreting' the project on all levels of communication."


  • Born 1963
  • Internship with newspaper "Franken Post" in Hof, Germany
  • Studied German language and literature at Bamberg University with a major in journalism
  • Freelance writer for trade journals published by Meisenbach Verlag Bamberg
  • Joined DIE WORTWERKSTATT in 1992
  • HOREX project team member since June 2010, focus on corporate design, brand development, responsible for all design-related tasks